At 9:04 and 35 seconds AM on December 6, the Halifax Explosion interrupted all plans for Halifax. It left thousands dead or injured, decimated Richmond area of Halifax, brought together international support and set in motion a series of events that altered the urban planning of Halifax and all those who lived there.

This episode of Cities Alive brings together Peter Nightingale, Urban Planner and Historian, and Barbara Lounder, Visual Artist and member of Narratives in Space and Time, to explore the Halifax Explosion. They explore how it impacted residents and urban planning – and how the response to it left a legacy that still shapes Halifax.

This episode was a collaboration between PLANifax, Narratives in Space and Time, Halifax Regional Municipality and Cities Alive.

To discover more about the Halifax Explosion visit Narratives in Space and Time.  Download the Drifts App for iphone for an interactive experience of the Halifax Explosion. For a visual experience, check out PLANifax’s Facebook page.

Special thanks to Sarah Ravlic, Byung Jun Kang and Uytae Lee for making this project possible.

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